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The Ombudsman | November 2020

Reactive or proactive? The role of an Ombudsman in a crisis.

Spotting potential problems

Monitoring complaint data in real time

Ensuring supoports are in place

A complementary approach

Fast track resolution

Reactivity mixed with proactivity

Connection and collaboration

Supporting, connecting, informing

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Australia: Did they do what they said they'd do?

Commonwealth Ombudsman - September 2020

Looks at whether the Ombudsman's recommendations have been implemented.


New Zealand: Ombudsman releases access to government information survey

Office of the Ombudsman - September 2020

The Chief Ombudsman says too many New Zealanders are still unaware of their rights to request information from Ministers, government agencies, and councils despite a growing thirst for information by the public.

media release

Australia: Complaints about financial grants for small business

Victorian Ombudsman

The Ombudsman has received more than 550 complaints about financial grants to support small business during the pandemic. These grants are managed by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions. Given the large number of complaints, the Ombudsman decided to investigate to see if the Department had made errors.



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