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The Ombudsman | November 2020

Reactive or proactive? The role of an Ombudsman in a crisis.

Spotting potential problems

Monitoring complaint data in real time

Ensuring supoports are in place

A complementary approach

Fast track resolution

Reactivity mixed with proactivity

Connection and collaboration

Supporting, connecting, informing

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Australia: Accessibility of telco services

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman - March 2021

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman held its third Consumer Panel meeting on Wednesday 3 March 2021. One of the issues high on the agenda was accessibility of telco services. Panel members highlighted examples of consumers facing accessibility issues, such as the unique problems for people who are blind or vision impaired.


Australia: Better practice complaint handling guide

Commonwealth Ombudsman - February 2021

A resource to help agencies ensure they have an effective and user-centred complaint handling system.


New Zealand: Complaints Dashboard

Banking Ombudsman Scheme - February 2021

An industry-wide picture of what’s causing complaints and why.

media release

Australia: Independent Review

Australian Financial Complaints Authority - February 2021

The terms of reference for the scheduled review of AFCA's functions and performance. The review is required under the enabling legislation that authorises AFCA, and will be independent of AFCA and conducted by Treasury, with a report due by 30 June 2021.



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