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The Ombudsman | November 2018

Fairness of process and outcome

Ensuring procedural fairness

Public transport accessibility: an issue of fairness

Putting fairness into action though an outreach program

Transparency and fairness for people in places of detention
Fairness of outcome through dealing with systemic issues

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New Zealand: Auckland South Corrections Facility let down by its staffing issues

Office of the Ombudsman – February 2019

Chief Ombudsman, Peter Boshier, has released his first inspection report into the treatment and conditions of prisoners at Auckland South Corrections Facility (also known as Kohuora).


Australia: Annual Report
South Australian Ombudsman - February 2019
2017-18 saw complaints to the South Australian Ombudsman continue to grow, with an increase of 6.5% representing more than 4200 complaints. The Ombudsman issued 69 final investigation reports, completed 35 ICAC referrals and undertook 160 FOI external reviews. The Ombudsman’s investigations resulted in 66 formal recommendations being made to agencies, many of which recommended significant policy change.

Australia: Systemic Spotlight - Reducing fraudsters' theft of mobile numbers

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman - February 2019
The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) receives complaints from consumers whose mobile numbers have been stolen by a fraudulent third party. This new Systemic Spotlight explores the issue and how the TIO has worked with service providers to improve security and protect consumers.


Australia: Enquiry into how local councils handle complaints from the public

Victorian Ombudsman – February 2019

All of Victoria’s 79 local councils will be surveyed on how they handle complaints from the public as part of an enquiry undertaken by Victorian Ombudsman, Deborah Glass. The enquiry will assess the practices councils follow when handling complaints, including whether they make it easy for people to complain, take action to resolve complaints and analyse their own complaint data to improve services.


Australia: Preventing the immigration detention of Australian citizens

Commonwealth Ombudsman - Dec 2018

A report into the Department of Home Affairs’ (the department) implementation of the recommendations made in Dr Vivienne Thom's independent review of the detention of two Australian citizens in 2017 (the Thom Review). The Thom Review made four recommendations in relation to the department’s strategies it had in place to prevent an Australian citizen from being detained. The department accepted all recommendations made by Dr Thom.
media release and report

Australia: Local government collection of overdue rates for people in situations of vulnerability - Good Practice Guidance

Western Australian Ombudsman - Dec 2018

Designed to assist local governments to consider their own policies and practices for the collection of rates and overdue rates in respect to people in situations of vulnerability and to identify any aspects of these policies and practices that may present opportunities for improvement to ensure that the process is efficient and effective for local governments and is fair and equitable for all ratepayers

media release and report

Australia: Overview of nine investigations in 2018

Victorian Ombudsman - Dec 2018

Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass investigates government bodies. This video provides an overview of the nine investigations she tabled in Parliament in 2018. Her reports examined human rights abuse, misconduct by public officials, how authorities dealt with child sex abuse historically, local council matters, and more.


New Zealand: Fraud awareness campaign

Banking Ombudsman Scheme - Dec 2018

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme New Zealand launched a fraud awareness multi-media campaign at the end of 2018 centred on two television commercials.

Phone scam commercial

Email scam commercial


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